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THE BODY b***ER:2 oz organic vanilla body b***er.Named for the precious organic vanilla bean oil (Vanilla planifolia) that it contains, this total-body hydrator protects, feeds and tones skin with the help of raw virgin coconut oil, real vanilla bean essential oil, clary sage essential oil, and vitamin E.Deeply hydrating and antioxidant-rich virgin coconut oil serves as the base of this product to moisturize the skin and prevent signs of aging. Vanilla essential oil heals, calms uplifts the mood and is an aphrodisiac. Clary Sage essential oil is a powerful antiseptic and has astringent properties to gently tone the skin. Sunflower derived Vitamin E nourishes the skin with nutrients and strengthens skin’s defenses against environmental damage.HOW TO USE:  Apply to skin as a moisturizer. It should take 1-5 minutes to absorb for optimal hydration. A little goes a long way, start with a dime-size amount and increase if needed. It can be used on the face and body.INGREDIENTS:  Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Vanilla Bean Essential Oil, Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil, Organic Sunflower derived Vitamin E, and Organic Beeswax.


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