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Larsa Pippen Unbothered In b***erfly Bikini After Massive Burglary – The Blast

TWNPc1VkWEsyWWlZSUw3VTY0S1MuanBn Larsa Pippen Unbothered In b erfly Bikini After Massive Burglary 8211 The Blast

Larsa’s video today showed her in selfie mode and on a terrace while chilling in a pink, b***erfly-print bikini. The Larsa Marie jewelry founder, flaunting her killer curves and golden tan, was playing around with her ponytail, also ensuring the camera took in her super-flat stomach. Chilled music was playing, with Larsa, also wearing shades, mouthing to it.

“Wave after wave,” the mom of four wrote as she appeared carefree and surrounded by red party cups. Fans, meanwhile, didn’t seem too aware of Larsa’a headline-making, focusing on the stunner’s good looks over her burglary. read more

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Britney Spears Gives Stringy Snakeskin Bikini ‘Another Shot’ – The Blast

N09QcDJpY29IdFZmdnliRWFLYmguanBn Britney Spears Gives Stringy Snakeskin Bikini 8216 Another Shot 8217 8211 The Blast

Keep Scrolling for the video. Spears, who has already listed her summer 2020 highlights as being pushed in the pool by friends and having “two small dinner parties,” continued with her top five essentials:

“A towel, oil, sunscreen, a dog and a hat,” the singer told her fans. Britney, then grumpily stomping off and leaving the home white backdrop, announced that she was going to hit her “Jacuzzi.” The video was quickly followed by a way busier one as Britney showcased a carousel of bikini looks while flaunting her legs in high heels. read more

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Sydney Sweeney Can’t Be Contained In Tiny Yellow Bikini – The Blast

QThCTklGdHl1OTBDU0NiRjA4OWUuanBn Sydney Sweeney Can 8217 t Be Contained In Tiny Yellow Bikini 8211 The Blast

Sydney Sweeney didn’t drop a quote or catchphrase with her incredible photo — probably because she didn’t need one. Luckily, her fans did plenty of talking and shared a ton of love — and lust — in her comments.

“Gorg,” one fan wrote, while another dubbed her the “s**iest woman.”

One fan was in complete awe of the star’s beauty, writing “hit me please how are you even real.”

Even the official Instagram account for IMDb labeled Sweeney’s hot photo a complete “MOOD.” read more

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Celeste Bright Wears A Scarf As A Bikini Top For A Day By The Pool – The Inquisitr

Celeste Bright 10 Celeste Bright Wears A Scarf As A Bikini Top For A Day By The Pool 8211 The Inquisitr

Celeste Bright showed off her unique fashion sense in her most recent Instagram upload on October 20. The model put a fun twist on her latest bikini look that she rocked for a day by the pool.

The 26-year-old posed in the middle of a large walkway in the steamy new addition to her page — likely a pathway leading down to the pool. She rested one hand on the railing behind her as she shot a sultry gaze toward the camera, which was set up in the perfect position to capture a full-length look at the social media star. read more

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Ashanti Has ‘Island Energy’ In A s**y Bikini With Turquoise Embellishments – The Inquisitr

Ashanti 4 Ashanti Has Island Energy In A s y Bikini With Turquoise Embellishments 8211 The Inquisitr

R&B songstress and actress Ashanti tantalized her 5.7 million Instagram followers with her latest share, a sizzling shot taken on the beach. Ashanti is currently spending some time abroad in Antigua celebrating her birthday, as her Instagram shares have demonstrated, and her latest post was also captured at Hodges Bay Antigua, as the geotag indicated.

Ashanti stood on a beach with several palm trees visible in the background, adding a burst of greenery to the frame. A breathtaking blue body of water and clear sky were also in the shot, although Ashanti’s eye-catching beach attire remained the focal point of the image. read more

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Olivia Culpo Flashes Bum From River Then Stuns In Bikini – The Blast

D0ZrZTF6U0x6OUk4eWdsMlNDVUcuanBn Olivia Culpo Flashes Bum From River Then Stuns In Bikini 8211 The Blast

Photos leading up to the bum flash had shown Oliva and her poodle enjoying precious one-on-one time amid shrubbery, trees, and a river. All contrasted the flawless poolside bikini snaps, with Olivia then swooping into her own comments section for more inquiries about her seemingly-pesky dog.

“While we’re here does anyone recommend a great electric fence situation for small dogs ? 😂😂,” she wrote.

Fans are going nuts. “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 It’s the last photo. 🤣🤣🤣🤣,” “Basketball Wives” alum Nicole Williams wrote. “This is the greatest post,” another added. read more

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Kate Bock Works It For The Camera In A s**y, Ribbed Bikini – The Inquisitr

Kate Bock 1 Kate Bock Works It For The Camera In A s y Ribbed Bikini 8211 The Inquisitr

Kate Bock added the heat to her Instagram page on October 18 by sharing a bikini-clad shot that quickly earned the attention of her 729,000 fans. The sizzling throwback post included one photo and one video.

In the first upload, the model was lounging on a white towel, soaking up some rays. A geotag indicated that she was in Soori Bali, a luxury hotel in Indonesia. The model shared with her audience that she took part in a Sports Illustrated shoot there and it was “the absolute dream.” She was lying on her back, using one hand to shield her eyes from the sun and the opposite to snap the selfie. She shot a sultry stare into the camera, pursing her lips and turning her head slightly to the side. read more

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Chanel West Coast Wet & Wild In Bikini With Bunny Ears – The Blast

RHhnZFl5Zm5pbmxudHhYUHMwYU0uanBn Chanel West Coast Wet amp Wild In Bikini With Bunny Ears 8211 The Blast

September was busy for West Coast as her attempts to party it up big-time on her birthday turned into a yelling fest with local law enforcement.

“There’s another party up Laurel Canyon off of Mulholland and it has 300 people,” Chanel yelled while on camera, adding:

“So if you guys really want to break up some chaos that’s gonna cause corona, you should go to the parties that are actually with like extensive amounts of people.”

Chanel then told cops they should be grateful to her for giving them “tips.” read more

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Salma Hayek Passes Torch With Wild Snake Dance In Bikini – The Blast

M1h3S2RHU1VqcWZ3dEdBdm45MzEuanBn Salma Hayek Passes Torch With Wild Snake Dance In Bikini 8211 The Blast

The comments have been pouring in.

“Im dying 😂😂😂,” one fan wrote.

“Hahahaha omg a memory ruined and a memory created,” another added, with a third swearing they’d seen “Fight Club” actor Brad Pitt.

Hayek, who co-starred with George Clooney, Danny Trejo, Juliette Lewis, and others in “From Dusk Till Dawn,” has also revisited the movie rendering her so iconic. The Quentin Tarantino-written, Robert Rodriguez-directed flick, considered to be one of the s**iest deliveries of all time from Hayek, brought the Mexican facing her biggest fear. Snakes. read more

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Britney Spears Trades ‘House Cleaning’ For Bikini Yoga On Beach – The Blast

N05BcE9ta3JLc3NjMFFycEN1aGsuanBn Britney Spears Trades 8216 House Cleaning 8217 For Bikini Yoga On Beach 8211 The Blast

#FreeBritney was alive and well in the comments. Replies gaining hundreds of likes came as probing – “This is not Britney,” one fan wrote, with others saying the “break” from cleaning was “more like your prison.”

Britney, alleged by fans to not be controlling her Instagram, has very much proven that she is via clap-backs. In July, the singer called herself “authentic.” In September, she defended wearing “the same top 17 times” as she both confirmed posts aren’t more than a month old and outlined photography project “Project Rose.” read more

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