SpongeBob execs to create spin-off featuring fan favorite from Bikini Bottom – WBRZ

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One of Nickelodeon’s favorite sidekick cartoon characters is going to become the star of his own show.

Patrick Star of “SpongeBob Squarepants” is set to star in his own spinoff series according to Variety.

The Patrick Star Show” with Bill f**erbakke as the main character’s voice, will give audiences the whole story behind Patrick’s family life as he hosts a talk show. 

This show will be the second “SpongeBob” spinoff to float its way to Nickelodeon, following in the spongesteps of “Kamp Koral,” a CG-animated prequel series which was greenlit over a year ago. That series, which is set to premiere  next year, introduces viewers to a 10-year-old SpongeBob during his summer at sleep-away camp. read more

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GettyImages 84422997 520x325 Best sustainable swimwear featuring Fish Reformation Volcom and Zoggs 8211 The Sun

Best sustainable swimwear: featuring Fish, Reformation, Volcom and Zoggs – The Sun

SUSTAINABLE swimwear is trending right now, and for all the right reasons.

It’s durable, helps to safe-guard nature, and looks fabulous. Here’s some shopping inspiration.

GettyImages 84422997 Best sustainable swimwear featuring Fish Reformation Volcom and Zoggs 8211 The Sun


It pays to invest in a sustainable bikini

Keen to be more eco-friendly? You might want to invest in swimwear made of recycled fabric.

The most common materials used include plastic, regenerated ghost nets and textile waste, meaning you’re doing good for the environment when you choose such products.

That doesn’t mean items aren’t high quality or carefully designed for style and comfort though. read more

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