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The best sweat-proof makeup for festivals

Shade The best sweat proof makeup for festivals

Ravers, the festival season is right around the corner! We are as pumped for the beats and the glow sticks as you are, but music festivals mean a lot of dancing and dancing means working up quite a sweat. So, how do you ensure that you makeup looks as good when you leave the venue as it did when you walked in? By completely sweat-proofing your beauty routine, of course!

Primer Is Your Best Friend

Shade The best sweat proof makeup for festivalsBikini by Onia x We Wore What

The job of this beauty product is to hold the rest of your makeup in place so it is pretty important that you prime your face before the foundation goes on. Dab small dots of primer onto your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and then blend it in evenly, taking care to blend until your shoulders for an even finish. If you are planning on wearing eye shadow, remember to prime your eyelids too and then apply the shadow with a damp brush for a long lasting finish. Primer got over and you are running late? BB creams work equally well. Try the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream which will correct, moisturize and protect, all in one go. What more does a girl want? read more

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