Gift Guide: 4 Things We’re Gifting Ourselves

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Do you ever shop for gifts and think, “You know who would like that? ME.” Girl, we’re not judging! You’ve got a lot of babes on your holiday shopping list and we’ve got the perfect present for each of them in our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide. And honestly, we think with the year you’ve had, you deserve to be on your list, too! 

So once you check off friends, coworkers, and your mom, maybe grab a little something for yourself. Need some gifting inspiration? From the most versatile cover-up to a stylish beach backpack, here’s what our team is gifting their loved ones (or themselves!) this holiday season.  read more

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Girlfriends Guide to Bikini Competition Prep

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Why Isn’t Anyone Else Talking About This Stuff??

When you do a Google search for “First Time Bikini Competitors” you will find multiple articles with the SAME 5 TIPS!
1. Know Your WHY for competing
2. Choose your federation
3. Find a coach
4. Understand the cost
5. Attend a local show.
Is this REALLLLLY what you want to know??? 🥱

I’ve found that when it comes to the Prep Life, the old saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know,” is so true! That’s why you need your Bikini Bestie to give you the REAL dish! Just click below to let the dishing begin! read more

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Find Your Fit: The L*SPACE Style Guide

If you know, you know…and if you’re new around here, welcome! We’re the ultimate destination for slip-it-on-and-go styles that you’ll love to live in. We definitely don’t take life too seriously, but fit? That’s another story. Our designs focus on those chic-yet-unfussy closet staples you’ll cherish for years to come. We use luxe, b***ery-soft fabrics to create pieces that are meant to hold up season after season. Whether you’re looking for on-trend tie dye or a timeless vintage vibe, we’ve got a little somethin’ for everyone.  read more

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bathing Suit Online – FLARE

Let’s be honest: the changing room experience does nothing for the already tender task of test-driving a bathing suit. Ordering swimwear online allows for a more relaxed try-on session at home, plus it opens up a whole world of options that might better suit your body, budget and style inclinations. On the flip side, taking the leap and buying a swimsuit without trying it on first comes with its own challenges: relying on a size chart to find the perfect fit, taking a chance on an unfamiliar cut and forgoing the hand feel. Here, all the insider advice you need to feel confident buying your next bather online. read more

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A Stylish Man’s Guide to Cool Summer Swimwear in Dallas and Beyond – PaperCity Magazine

Men’s swimwear styles rarely change dramatically from year to year. Granted, every era might have had its standouts.

Compared to something like the quintessential board shorts of the ’80s, you could say that the 21st century has given way to a more liberated showing of the male physique. Inseams have risen, and the fit is somewhat snugger. I think credit should also be given to that pivotal moment that sent many women’s hearts (and perhaps libidos) aflutter: when the new James Bond, Daniel Craig, emerged from the ocean in an oh-so revealing bathing suit in Casino Royale. read more

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Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Coolest Sustainable Swimwear For Dad This Summer – Forbes

I can honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt, that my favorite fashion features are written for Father’s Day. Looking back at the highlights of my life, I truly cannot remember how many times I leaned life’s problems and challenges on my own father when I had a bad run of time that needed comforting and encouragement. In fact, most Americans hold dear to them the unforgettable journey of learning, loving and laughing with our father’s throughout our lives.

Considering the challenges we are facing this spring/summer 2020 season, I realize more than ever how important the solid strength of a Father within the family unit means to family survival. A Father’s small gestures seem to catch the moment with a goal to win and go a long way into the future. read more

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Mother’s Day Guide To The Best Women’s Swimwear By Destination – Forbes

After the quarantine ends, mom is going to want to get back to booking travel. Some new and fresh swimwear is a perfect gift for her in these times. Depending on whether she is into active water sports and adventure, or looking cute and s**y, there are tons of options out there. I’ve narrowed down some of my 10 favorite women’s swimwear picks for gifting mom by popular destinations around the world:

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Abena II


1.    South Africa

The Aude Swim Abena II is inspired by Africa (the designer, Aude, is from the Ivory Coast herself), with its classic geometric print. For lounging by a resort pool on a game reserve, this swimsuit would fit right in. Mom would have to be comfortable being a bit s**y with the suit’s halter back and plunge neckline. $59.99 read more

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Establishing a well-rounded, effective, healthy skin routine is tricky business. And as we get older, skin care becomes more and more important, and more and more complicated. It’s not just face wash and moisturizer anymore. We have serums, scrubs, acids, oils, and all of their ingredients to decipher through. And when you look at these long, scientific sounding words, it can sound like a language all of its own.

None of us really want to spend our cherished time at Sephora with our phones out, Google searching every other word on the bottle. (But really, who hasn’t been there?)  Do yourself a favor and conduct your own research beforehand. One of the best things you can do is speak to a doctor about your specific skin needs. We reached out to the renowned, board certified dermatologist and co-founder of FACILE dermatology + boutique, Dr. Nancy Samolitis to answer some of our questions. Comment more questions below and we will get back to you! read more

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