Health & Wellness Tips with Alec Treffers

With a passion for inspiring the healthy spirit animal in others, Alec Treffers has one of our favorite blogs to follow for all things health and wellness. So we were excited to have her take over our IG stories to share some insights into her everyday routine. We definitely could use allll the inspiration right now! Get to know her a little better below:

WhatsYourL Live AlecTreffs 01 2048x2048 Health amp Wellness Tips with Alec Treffers

Where are you from?

Born and bre(a)d in Orange County, CA

When did you decide to start your blog?

I started my Instagram account (@WhatAlecEats) in grad school, when my love for cooking really took off. I recently rebranded to @AlecTreffs this year, as my content has since evolved to be much more than “what I eat.” read more

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