Pakaloha’s Inception

From selling bikinis out of a van to having four storefront locations, Pakaloha Bikinis has grown and transformed since being founding in 2003, but our mission has always remained the same: to provide our customers with a blend of sporty and s**y handmade Brazilian bikinis that celebrate the shape of every woman’s body.

The goal of creating fashionable yet functional swimwear for women of all shapes and sizes came about when Mikey Dahl, Pakaloha’s founder, was living in Brazil. Mikey purchased some bikinis from a few local stores near his apartment, and sent them back to some friends in Maui. All of his friends loved them, but there was one problem: the sizing was off. That’s when he decided to start drawing his own swimwear designs and have them made. And as his designs progressed from fashion to function, Pakaloha was born. read more

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