Kaia Gerber Criticized For Bikini Hangout With Middle-Aged Dad – The Blast

D2VHTTIyRnRMRDFMOTFYVjMwTEIuanBn Kaia Gerber Criticized For Bikini Hangout With Middle Aged Dad 8211 The Blast

One fan, seemingly taken aback, replied: “My dad would tell me to cover up and I’m 39!”

“Come on.. get some decent pants on for goodness sake!” another added.

Kaia has somewhat of a swimwear history with her business mogul father – she’s appeared cozied up to him while in a bikini on his Instagram, although headlines of late have largely centered around her controversial new boyfriend. Elordi, 23, face backlash this month as he took Kaia to a Farmer’s Market – he’s taken two of his last girlfriends there, Zendaya and Joey King. read more

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Dua Lipa ‘Disappoints’ Fans In A Bikini Partying In The Middle Of The Pandemic – The Blast

ZmNCV3FXQjJXSmdtRWlSRnJ3STAuanBn Dua Lipa 8216 Disappoints 8217 Fans In A Bikini Partying In The Middle Of The Pandemic 8211 The Blast

Thankfully some fans saw just the beauty and the fact that Dua Lipa was nothing short of pure fire.

Fans left all sorts of emojis and comments on her posts, though the prevalent emotion was that of disappointment because many Instagram users felt that she was setting a wrong example by sharing pictures of her party and being with so many people.

Never mind that these pictures were just of her with some friends at Palm Springs, California.

Considering Dua Lipa herself sang “I should have stayed at home” in the song “Break My Heart”, she should really just have done that. Or not! read more

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Burkini Aheda Zanetti Swimwear Australia AFP 520x325 Beyond the burkini How there 8217 s more to modest swimwear than meets the eye 8211 Middle East Eye

Beyond the burkini: How there’s more to modest swimwear than meets the eye – Middle East Eye

Swimwear selection can be a source of great anxiety for many. Finding a way to cover the body in ways that respect personal values and style is a common dilemma, especially among Muslim women – whether they have chosen to wear the hijab, or simply prefer to dress in more “modest” fashion.

But dressing modestly is subjective: when it comes to swimwear it may mean wearing a one-piece swimsuit instead of a bikini, or it could mean wearing a sarong or a wrap around the waist. For others it may mean concealing more of the body’s contours. read more

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