Bonita Classic Drawstring Bucket Bag – Black & Rainbow Braided Print



STYLE:Bold black and multicolored drawstring bucket bag with tassel detail.Handmade by the Wayuu women using traditional weaving techniques, each bag is unique and one-of-a-kind made with love, care, and patience.Gorgeous black weave with bright contrasting red, orange, yellow, and green striped shoulder strap and drawstring make this beautiful bag the perfect mix of practical, exotic, and elegant.Finely laced shoulder strap and tassel drawstring closure cinch this bag closed and makes any outfit instantly cool and bohemian. Your purchase will help support Wayuu women’s skills and livelihood while keeping their beautiful artistry alive; giving back never looked so chic.CARE:This bag is handmade using weaving techniques. sizes, patterns, shading, and details may vary.Measurements approximately: Height: 28-31 cm, Width: 22-24 cm. Strap: 43-51 cm.
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