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 STYLE:5 sparkling rose gold stacking rings connected by small gunmetal loops.3 bands are set with cubic zirconia crystals and 2 bands have a smooth, rounded surface.Textured oval gunmetal connectors add an edgy finish.Wear the one-size-fits-all set on the finger where the outer rings fit slightly loose, allowing the bands to spread out and display the connectors.The metallic blush colored bands are made with rose gold-plated brass. AURORAH:Designed by Sarah Doyle, Aurorah is a woman-owned and operated fashion jewelry line.Aurorah’s bracelets, earrings, and rings are made to be your high-quality, luxury statement pieces.From colorful dangling tassel earrings to just-edgy-enough gold screw bracelets, Aurorah has jewelry to express exactly what you want to say. All Aurorah jewelry is made in America. CARE:After wearing, gently rub the surface of the bands with a cotton ball or soft cloth to prevent fading and maintain shine.Keep lotions, perfumes, and creams from coming in contact with your rings.Store separately from silver and gold jewelry to avoid chemical reactions that can tarnish the metals.


Price: $139.00

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