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STYLE:Unique silver statement necklace featuring opalescent moonstone gem.A smooth metal teardrop loop holds the round rainbow stone.Short chain allows the pendant to lay flat at collarbone level.Moonstone naturally changes color in different lighting.In crystal healing, rainbow moonstone is believed to provide psychic protection, clear the mind and senses, and aid in lucid dreaming and calm sleep.Layer with a choker and a longer necklace for a stylish free spirited look or wear it alone to highlight the elegant design.Sterling silver filled metal. PARADIGM DESIGN:Fashion jewelry designed and handmade in Southern California by Paradigm Design founder Meghan Sullivan and her local metal caster.The trend-focused pieces have an overall minimalistic design so they can be worn for many seasons.Paradigm’s use of primarily brass, bronze, and sterling silver metals allows the brand to offer on-trend jewelry at an affordable price for fashion-forward young women. CARE:Moonstone is a natural gemstone so variations in color are expected.Gently rub the silver necklace after use with a cotton ball or soft cloth to prevent fading and maintain shine.Keep lotions, perfumes, and creams from coming in contact with your jewelry.Store gold and silver separately to avoid chemical reactions that can tarnish the metals.


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