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If you’re trans, nonbinary, or gender nonconforming, swimwear shopping can be an unpleasant and stressful experience. Frustratingly (yet unsurprisingly), not many brands take different body types and inclusive sizing into consideration. Since summer is quickly approaching and the possibility of a beach trip or pool day doesn’t seem quite so farfetched anymore, you might be in the mood to browse for some suits that are cute, but also make you feel like your most comfortable, confident self. Here, we’ve rounded up six gender neutral swimwear brands that offer designs with features like chest binders, extended sizing, extra coverage, and more.

From TomboyX’s matching sets and bold patterns to Chromat’s size range that goes up to 4X (!!!), you’ll find something new to wear that’ll hopefully make the whole process easier.

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This brand offers both athletic wear and swimwear; the latter category features full-coverage tops with low or high compression, board shorts, rash guards, and brief-style bikini bottoms in contrasting, bold colors. 



4.5″ Trunks



TomboyX’s founders, Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez, started the brand out of their garage and made what they wanted to wear. The swimwear has tons of prints and colors, most often with a bold logo waistband. 


Beefcake Swimswear

The Dreamboat

Beefcake Swimswear


Inspired by swimwear from the ’20s, this label nails the onesie style, and the sizes range from XS to 5X. It even has a special design made for longer torsos, and everything is produced in small batches locally in Portland, Oregon.  



Delta Duotone Suit – Black/Yellow



Designer Becca McCharen-Tran started the brand in 2010 to celebrate all body types. I mean, have you seen her runway shows? She truly delivers on that message. Her statement pieces are inspired by her architecture background, and they are made sustainably using recycled nylon from old fishing nets and plastic water bottles. 



Checkerboard Chest Binder and Swim top



Gender nonconformists will love this label that’s all about inclusivity and accessibility. Many of its swimwear tops double as chest binders if that’s an option you’re looking for, and it also has swim skirts, shorts, dresses, singlets, and tank tops each with varying degrees of coverage. How fun is this check pattern, though?



Maldives Short



Though Rielli doesn’t tout itself specifically as a gender neutral swim brand, its smocked, stretchy fabrics are designed with comfort in mind. It also features shorts and skirts that you can wear in or out of the water.  

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