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Things you must keep in mind while buying a bikini & 

Whether rain or storm, there is never a bad time for a shopaholic or simply, for someone who loves shopping. While browsing through the closet, one can always get ecstatic when they realise they need a new pair of jeans. And when you scrolling through your favourite shopping app, you may stumble upon pieces that you’d want to add to your already overflowing wardrobe. 

Though one can always style an oversized tee or a loose pair of pants, one cannot go wrong with a bikini or a swimsuit. If you’re heading to a beach destination anytime soon, you’d want to invest in good beachwear. Something that would flatter you and also ooze your personality. From the right colour to the right type and shape, you need to know a few things before buying a bikini. 

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Everything that is planning out in advance is a better way of going about things. Buying a bikini should be one that will make you feel confident in your skin and therefore, the thought of it can be overwhelming. Here are some things you need to keep in mind before you buy a bikini.

Buying a bikini is often as hard as buying a pair of shoes or jeans. Buy a bathing suit that can be adapted to your needs. Consider the activity you’re doing to do and then keeping that in mind, it will be easy to buy a bikini or swimsuit. From adjustable shoulder straps to removable cups, examine the situation and then buy one. If you like tankinis, opt for one with drawstrings that allow you to make the top shorter or longer to flatter your body. 

  1. Embellishments are important
  2. Support is key 
  3. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF)
  4. Buy bottoms that aren’t baggy

Embellishments are important

It is quite disappointing when you buy a swimsuit with beads or embellishments and then seem then falling off after a wash or just by wearing them. Consider the thread and fabric too. It is important to see that the thread and stitching are in place since everything will be quite visible and we don’t want any slip-ups. When you’re in the store, take a look at similar swimsuits, if you see the beards handing or a little thread coming out, don’t buy. 

Support is key 

For bustier women, you have to check that your bikini can hold all things in place. Apart from the style and fabric, you have to check if your bikini can support your breasts while you’re engaged in a beach activity. When you’re choosing to buy a set, consider the ones that give you support to avoid poolside wardrobe malfunctions. 

The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF)

Clothes, including swimsuits or bikinis, with UPF has become a growing trend. UPF gauges a fabric’s effectiveness against both UVA and UVB light. The higher the number the more effective it is at blocking out UV rays. Look for a swimsuit with a UPF of 50 or higher, which means it allows less than 2% of radiation through.

Buy bottoms that aren’t baggy

While choosing the perfect bikini, try the bottom wear on so that you know it avoids bulging. When you come out of the pool, your swimsuit makes it sag. Therefore, try one that is a little tight. In fact, over time swimsuits stretch. So buy one that isn’t too tight but definitely not loose at all. 


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