Kaia Gerber’s Bathrobe Slips Off Amid Bikini-And-Dad Backlash – The Blast

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Fans seemingly sending Kaia a giant no-no over the bikini-and-dad photos, have been responding to two sets of images, although the sentiments were the same.

“Who wears a thong in front of their dad?” was a hugely-popular comment, with another user writing: “Lol I can’t imagine wearing that bathing suit around my parents.”

Kaia, also snapped with supermodel vet mom Cindy, was told “for goodness sakes” to “find a decent pair of pants” by one critical fan. Fortunately, amid a particularly harsh set of replies, the teen beauty was backed. The boyfriend is a different story, though. Yes, he’s taking all his girlfriends to the same place. read more

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