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Burkini Aheda Zanetti Swimwear Australia AFP 520x325 Beyond the burkini How there 8217 s more to modest swimwear than meets the eye 8211 Middle East Eye

Beyond the burkini: How there’s more to modest swimwear than meets the eye – Middle East Eye

Swimwear selection can be a source of great anxiety for many. Finding a way to cover the body in ways that respect personal values and style is a common dilemma, especially among Muslim women – whether they have chosen to wear the hijab, or simply prefer to dress in more “modest” fashion.

But dressing modestly is subjective: when it comes to swimwear it may mean wearing a one-piece swimsuit instead of a bikini, or it could mean wearing a sarong or a wrap around the waist. For others it may mean concealing more of the body’s contours. read more

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A Stylish Man’s Guide to Cool Summer Swimwear in Dallas and Beyond – PaperCity Magazine

Men’s swimwear styles rarely change dramatically from year to year. Granted, every era might have had its standouts.

Compared to something like the quintessential board shorts of the ’80s, you could say that the 21st century has given way to a more liberated showing of the male physique. Inseams have risen, and the fit is somewhat snugger. I think credit should also be given to that pivotal moment that sent many women’s hearts (and perhaps libidos) aflutter: when the new James Bond, Daniel Craig, emerged from the ocean in an oh-so revealing bathing suit in Casino Royale. read more

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