Hottest celebrity bikini bodies of 2020: How the stars got their sizzling looks – Fox News

The year 2020 upended many people’s lifestyles, including their exercise routines. But for several celebs, the extra time on their hands only further motivated them to achieve personal health goals.

Sure, great genes and a go-to personal trainer are helpful, but these Hollywood stars and models insisted that putting in the work was key to shedding the pounds and feeling confident about themselves.

Whether you’re looking for some inspiration to kick off your resolutions for 2021 or simply want some fresh ideas to revamp your workout, discover how these ladies did it: read more

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Skye Swimwear: More Styles for More Bodies – Orange Coast Magazine

A touch of cellulite. A faded scar. A few stretch marks here and there. Slowly but surely, fashion brands are beginning to embrace “real” women, after decades of scrubbing models’ unique features using a heavy dose of Photoshop.

Swimwear in particular has long been a less-inclusive space when it comes to diversity. The term “beach body” has always been used to describe an essentially unattainable figure – but Skye Swimwear is working to reclaim and redefine it.

Skye’s thoughtful range of styles takes every body into consideration, from extended cup sizes to “cheeky” bottoms and cuts that offer more coverage. read more

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This Nigerian Entrepreneur Is Designing Swimwear For Black Women’s Bodies – Black Enterprise

Pinghwa Okorie developed a passion for the beach early in life. Okorie, whose father is Nigerian and whose mother is Taiwanese, often traveled to tropical destinations, such as her mother’s homeland and the Philippines. But no matter how many pieces of swimwear she bought, they were never quite right.

“Growing up in Lagos, it was hard to find swimwear that I loved and felt comfortable in,” she says.

Okorie, who studied business at George Washington University in the U.S. and is a digital marketing specialist by trade, realized that there was a growing market for such swimwear. In addition to the boom in tourism that many parts of Africa have been experiencing, Okorie has noticed that over the past few years, locals have been taking more advantage of the city’s proximity to beaches. read more

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