My Show was Cancelled!

Show cancelled 2 1200x630 My Show was Cancelled


As an active IFBB Pro and NPC veteran competitor, I started competing in 2003 and didn’t turn pro until 2017. I’ve been training for 21 years and I still feel as passionate about my sport as when I first began.
When you become a bodybuilder, you allow this sport to shape and mold you. It toughens your resolve yet makes you more flexible to changing circumstances. You become physically and mentally stronger while humbling yourself and stifling your ego.
Embrace this as a lifelong process and I promise you, you will not be disappointed. These lessons are carried over in every other area of life, gifting you with wisdom, patience, resolve, grit and compassion. Nobody can ever take those gifts away from you!

There will always be another stage, another
ACBikinis suit
, another spray tan, and another quarter turn to the right.

The coronavirus has hit many people hard and in many ways: emotionally, financially and physically. At the end of the day, if I’m laying in my warm bed healthy and comfortable with my family safely asleep next to me, I consider that an absolutely perfect day!  
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