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Sen. Ted Cruz discusses wife’s bikini photos, leaked text messages about Cancun trip – 550 KTSA

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SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – Sen. Ted Cruz is blasting the media for publishing photos of his wife in a bikini on a beach in Cancun.

“The  New York Post ran all these pictures of Heidi in her bikini and I will tell you, that, she is p***ed about. Heidi is smokin’ hot, so I looked at the pictures and said,’Man, you look great,”‘ Cruz told  the conservative podcast “Ruthless.”

Cruz took his family to Mexico last week amid the freeze that left millions of Texans in the dark.  The Republican senator  said his daughters wanted to go to a warm place and he was trying to be a good dad.  After flying with the family to Cancun, he cut his trip short and returned to Houston, admitting to reporters that the trip was “a mistake.” read more

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Ted Cruz less contrite about Cancun getaway than angered over leaked invites, tabloid bikini photos of wife – The Dallas Morning News

WASHINGTON — Ted Cruz has shifted to outrage at how he’s been treated for his aborted Cancun getaway, setting aside contrition for fleeing Texas as millions suffered without power and water last week.

The senator lashed out over paparazzi photos of his wife on the beach, and at whoever leaked her text messages about the trip. He blamed the uproar on news media eager for a fresh obsession to fill the void left by Donald Trump’s exit from the national stage.

And he insisted they didn’t abandon the family poodle in a cold house, despite a photo of the pooch peering from the front door, white and fluffy and perhaps forlorn. read more

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