Elizabeth Hurley, 55, concludes her 10-day spree of bikini photos: ‘Alas, my pretend vacation is drawing to a close’ – Yahoo Lifestyle

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Elizabeth Hurley, 55, took to Instagram to post a sultry photo of herself that concluded her 10-day “pretend vacation” featuring daily bikini photos. (Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage)

Elizabeth Hurley isn’t letting the cold winter weather get her down.

The British model and actress, 55, took to social media on Sunday to conclude her “pretend vacation,” where she posted one swimsuit shot of herself per day as a means of coping with pandemic boredom.

Sporting nothing but a lime green bikini from her Elizabeth Hurley Beach swimwear line and a pair of sunglasses, Hurley basked in the sunshine in Sunday’s photo. The star was shown sipping a glass of champagne in front of the picturesque blue waters. read more

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