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Men’s open-toed shoes strictly for beachcombers – Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Adgog Men 8217 s open toed shoes strictly for beachcombers 8211 Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Q I can’t stand it when men wear open-toed sandals in the city. I guess they’re OK at the beach, but why do men think this is acceptable?

A I agree with you. I, too, wonder why so many men fail to realize how much of the world notices and pays attention to what they wear on their feet. Open-toed shoes — both sandals and flip-flops — are perfect beachwear and far-from-perfect for many other occasions. There has long been a discussion as to whether open-toed heels or sandals are appropriate in offices (what the internet calls “toe cleavage”) for women; there is no such discussion for men. It is not! read more

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