My Body Got Me Through the Pandemic. It Doesn’t Need to Be Bikini Ready – Vogue

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If I try really hard, I can just barely remember the days when summer meant abundance: fresh peaches dripping with juice, lobster rolls in warm, b***ery soft buns, Mister Softee cones melting in the heat during long, lazy afternoons spent sunbathing on stoops around New York City. As I got older, though, I learned to a**ociate summer with the bodily asceticism so common to teenage girls, pinching the excess skin of my thighs and gnawing on ice while everyone else ate Popsicles, hoping that one fewer serving of dessert or one more turn on the elliptical would make me into the kind of string-bikini-clad beach babe that was everyone’s June-through-August fantasy. read more

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Miley Cyrus Loses Bikini Top She Doesn’t ‘Need’ – The Blast

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Miley’s video, seemingly indicating that she’s ready to mingle, comes as she continues to make headlines for now being single following ending an eight-month relationship with Aussie Cody Simpson. Cyrus has also been in the news for revealing she actually finds women more attractive.

“Girls are way hotter. We know this. Everyone, I think, can agree that from ancient times d—- makes wonderful sculptures,” she said. “Other than that, I’m not as interested. I like d— as art pieces,” she said earlier this year. See the grind below! read more

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Miley Cyrus Delivers ‘Golden G-String’ In Bikini That Doesn’t Fit – The Blast

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Miley might have lifted her shirt for the album promo, but the singer knows that her power voice trumps everything else. Back in 2019 and while still married to ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, Miley was profiled by Elle.

“I think now I actually have the respect that I want. When I walk into a room, people may think, “Okay, she gets her t-ts out.” But they also think, “But she’s got a f-cking sick voice,” and that’s all I care about,” she told the magazine.


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Ireland Baldwin Stuns In Bikini That Doesn’t Fit – The Blast

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The user, also saying they couldn’t “relate” to Ireland’s problems because of her “2%,” found themselves replied to.

“I’m sorry but you are an awful human being. I’m not making any kind of gigantic video about how I don’t care and as I mentioned multiple times, Of course I care! It hurts my feelings.”

Ireland then said she doesn’t consider herself to be in the top 2%, adding she is grateful for her health, also that her video was simply to raise awareness. read more

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