Indiana native launches line of swimwear | News | – Indiana Gazette

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As colder temperatures and the approach of winter settle over Pennsylvania, swimwear is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind but, for Cassandra Kuzneski, 20, founder of Cassea Swim, swimwear is a year-round endeavor.

Originally from Indiana, Kuzneski, the daughter of Joseph Kuzneski and Lisa Harven Kuzneski, both of Indiana, left her hometown at 18 to work in Spain before eventually returning to the States, living in San Diego and then finally in Los Angeles.

“I worked a few jobs,” Kuzneski said. “I did marketing for Google and worked for an ammunition company for a while, but it was all just saving up money to invest in my swimwear line.” read more

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Men’s open-toed shoes strictly for beachcombers – Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Adgog Men 8217 s open toed shoes strictly for beachcombers 8211 Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Q I can’t stand it when men wear open-toed sandals in the city. I guess they’re OK at the beach, but why do men think this is acceptable?

A I agree with you. I, too, wonder why so many men fail to realize how much of the world notices and pays attention to what they wear on their feet. Open-toed shoes — both sandals and flip-flops — are perfect beachwear and far-from-perfect for many other occasions. There has long been a discussion as to whether open-toed heels or sandals are appropriate in offices (what the internet calls “toe cleavage”) for women; there is no such discussion for men. It is not! read more

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