Watch Jennifer Garner Hilariously Recreate A s**y Bikini Scene From ‘Alias’ 18 Years Later – Women’s Health

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  • Jennifer Garner, 48, just hilariously recreated a s**y bikini scene from Alias.
  • The actress shared the funny video to celebrate 10 million Instagram followers.
  • Unsurprisingly, both fans and Jen’s famous fans loved her recreation 18 years later.

Actress Jennifer Garner, 48, has been keeping her fans entertained throughout 2020 with funny Instagram videos. And over the weekend, she decided to treat her massive Instagram following to a hilarious recreation of a s**y bikini scene from her TV show, Alias. (FYI: That scene is from 18 years, according to E! News, and Jen *still* looks amazing.)

In the side-by-side video, Jennifer shared a steamy scene where she emerged from a swimming pool in a blue bikini, toweled off, stepped into high heels and proceeded to take her top off. But in her 2020 recreation, she instead rocked a wetsuit, goggles, and some soggy Ugg slippers. read more

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