6 Ideas For a Fun New Year’s Eve (At Home)

Listen up, babes! Stop what you’re doing and give yourself a pat on the back for adapting, learning, and growing throughout this challenging year. 2020 has been a whirlwind, that’s for sure. We took our self-care routine seriously, did countless at-home workouts, and of course, watched a whole lot of Netflix. And since we’re not back to our full “normal” just yet, we’ll be ringing in New Year’s 2020 on the couch and making the most of it!  read more

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Summer Outfit Ideas That Mix Swimwear With Ready-to-Wear, From Chanel to Stella McCartney – Vogue

Late summer in New York is reliably hot and steamy, but 2020 has felt particularly tropical. It isn’t just the 90-degree heat radiating from the sidewalks or the total lack of shade on certain avenues; what really drives you crazy is the thick, unavoidable humidity. It’s there when the sun rises and long after it sets, and there isn’t a linen dress on the planet breezy enough to safeguard you against the inevitable glisten.

This time last year, our biggest headache was dressing for the office without overheating on the subway; now, it’s dressing for virtually everything else. We’re working from home in our air-conditioned apartments, but the rest of our lives are happening outdoors: eating, drinking, walking, biking, socializing, exercising, getting away from our roommates… Needless to say, it’s putting our summer wardrobes to the test. My silk dresses are gathering dust in the back of my closet, too precious to subject to sweat, dirt, and spills. I’m short on clothes that look good and can withstand the elements of downtown Manhattan. Several of my friends have voiced similar dilemmas, sick of their denim shorts but unwilling to buy cotton dresses only to destroy them on a CitiBike. read more

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6 Self Care Ideas to Boost Your Mood

Blog5 6632c2e1 79d2 4b05 a07a 5bb42f83b7c4 2048x2048 6 Self Care Ideas to Boost Your Mood

We think it’s safe to say, when we were all popping champagne last New Year’s Eve, we never thought 2020 would go like this! But we are practicing gratitude and focusing on what matters – staying healthy, happy, and connected with others. So, while you’re laying low for the time being, use this time to give yourself a little TLC. Here are our top 6 ways to get some self care into your new normal! 

It’s been really cool to see how many fitness influencers and studios have been doing IG Live videos, right? It’s so important to get that body moving and those endorphins high, and these Lives and YouTube videos keep us motivated from our living rooms. Some of our faves: Lindsey Harrod, Katrina Scott, Dana Landgren, and Maddie Lymburner. Another favorite way to get moving? LIVING. ROOM. DANCE. PARTY. And we’ve got the playlist just for you. read more

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