How the Magic Happens

Ever wonder how we create your competition suit? Are you curious how we can offer a 1 week turnaround time? Do you want to learn the life cycle of your suits creation? Are you considering making your own competition suit? Just wondering how the MAGIC happens? This much anticipated, asked for blog is for you!  It’s taken us a lot of trial and error, patience, seam rippers, band-aids (lol), and practice to perfect the following steps. If you are attempting to create your own suit: have patience, don’t get frustrated, and enjoy the process!
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We’ve included ✂️💎Designer Tips💎✂️ in for those of you that are reading this to create your own suit. Feel free to skip this text if this is not your plan. 

Step 1
Cutting the fabric

The first step to your competition suit is cutting your fabric to your measurements. We use 4 way stretch spandex with the highest percentage of spandex available. Calling a fabric spandex means it can have anywhere from 1% – 40% spandex with the remaining percentage from nylon, polyester, or cotton. Angel Competition Bikinis uses hologram fabric that is 20% spandex and 80% nylon. This percentage gives you the best fit. Anything lower than 20% doesn’t give you optimal stretch and anything over 20% will start to feel like compression/shaping wear and you do not want that. Our sequin fabric is a polyester/spandex blend that has slightly less stretch than our hologram and posing suit fabric. Our fabric is custom ordered from Los Angeles, California from a single supplier. We use a rotary blade to cut the fabric as precise as possible. ✂️💎Designer Tip: Do not attempt to use scissors to cut spandex fabric; the result will not be precise for how exact your competition suit needs to be. And be careful! Rotary blades are very sharp.💎✂️ Insider secret: the majority of our fabric is cut and lined by ACB Employee, Laura Beeves. She is Karah and Lauren’s mom and has been helping them with the sewing since the beginning!2 opt 5e876034 b0e4 429b aecf 5c9a3c4172d6 1024x1024 How the Magic HappensClick the photo above to shop our Angel Competition Bikinis logo crop tops.

Step 2
Lining the fabric

We line the inside of your suit with a fabric color that is a perfect match to your competition tan. We used samples from the most popular competition tan companies and have found hexx color #BB6742 to be the most consistent and closest match. We have this custom dyed at our fabric supplier in Los Angeles.  We were excited to make this change in 2017 and our customers love the matching color! We sew hidden pockets in your top so that you can add as much padding as you would like. The liner fabric we use has a weight of 200 g/m2. The weight of the liner fabric is VERY important. The fabric industry uses the word, “lining” for fabric that is 127 g/m2. This typical lining fabric does not work for competition suits very well. It easily rips and frays when you try and add extra padding. It doesn’t work with the extra weight the crystals and connectors add to the suit. 💎✂️Designer Tip: when choosing a fabric liner, make sure you use a liner that is at least 200 g/m2.💎✂️ read more

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