Pamela Anderson Needs Help In Bikini From A Cage – The Blast

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Pamela revealed: “I was in India and I went to this panchakarma cleanse, and I’d been gone for three weeks in this ayurvedic center, meditating, just so clear,’ the pinup explained,” adding:

“I came back and VWOOM, within 24 hours, I saw Jon. It was like this little whirlwind thing, and it was over really quick, and it was nothing. Nothing physical. It’s just a friendship.”

Jon, who has alleged he paid off $200,000 of Pamela’s debts while married, was also reported to be engaged to someone else shortly after splitting from her. read more

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Christina Milian’s Drenched Bikini Snap Needs ‘No Caption’ – The Blast

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Christina’s caption read: “💦 🐆 @fashionnova #nocaptionneeded fashionnovapartner.”

Now sitting at over 132,000 likes, the snapshot has also brought in a giant wave of comments – some mentioning the pandemic;

“Im so jealous you guys are in France while Americans are banned everywhere,” one fan wrote. Others, however, focused on the sizzling hottie and her bikini body: “Gorggggg babe ✨✨✨😍🎷🎷,” one fan told the star. read more

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Olivia Culpo Needs ‘No Backup’ In Bikini With Puzzle And Orange Juice – The Blast

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A caption from the “Model Squad” star explained what was going on. Olivia wrote:

“I lost all of the photos in my phone so I’m going to start carrying around this guy instead 📸 #nobackupneeded #waterproof.”

Olivia, whose phone this year has documented her stylish selfies and her travels to both Colorado and The Bahamas, may well be bummed out about the situation, but she kept the vibe upbeat. So did her followers. The More Than A Mask founder was actually encouraged to “take more,” also seeing one fan tell her: “You can get the photos back.” read more

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January Jones ‘Needs Attention’ In Unemployed Bikini Photo – The Blast

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Scroll for the photo, although the above one is a reminder of this star’s penchant for flaunting her curves. The snap clocking January over 62,000 likes showed her butt-deep in a sun-drenched pool and likely from her home. The blonde was rocking a patterned, short-sleeved, and retro bikini in striped orange, black, and white while smiling and waving from under a large straw hat, plus a pair of cat-wing shades. “Series: Out of work actor needs attention,” January’s caption read. read more

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