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Alexandra Daddario Makes Bond Girl Ocean Exit In Nip-Show Bikini – The Blast

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Scroll for the photos. Alexandra, who has been marking her presence in Hawaii on her Instagram, was photographed looking fierce as her porcelain-skinned frame was outfitted in a sporty, super-tiny, and black bikini with a cheeky thong finish and clingy fabrics showing a fair amount of chest. The star, makeup-free and holding her snorkeling equipment, was photographed ankle-deep in waters, also just on shores as she carried goggles in one hand.

Clearly, filming the miniseries has its perks, with Daddario snapped frolicking shores under a week ago. read more

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Sofia Richie Floods The Imagination With Ocean Blue Bikini On Instagram – The Blast

YzBxQ1pORUFxYWxKN3IzYXpLVWEuanBn Sofia Richie Floods The Imagination With Ocean Blue Bikini On Instagram 8211 The Blast

Here are just some of the comments that Sofia has received on her stellar post. It is safe to say that these starstruck fans have fallen head over heels for her!

“A real life Goddess 💗🙌” (Commentator)

“Gorgeous👌 wish I was at a place like that right now” (Commentator)

“Take me with you!! I need a mental vacation from all the negative stuff happening in my house 😭” (Commentator)

“So beautiful!!! Love the water. Where is this at???” (Commentator)

“Get me some abs like this please and thank you 😜” (Commentator) read more

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Demi Rose Swings Across Ocean In G-String Bikini – The Blast

NFdEdEdNdzFaS2Vvb2JBOW5GOFAuanBn Demi Rose Swings Across Ocean In G String Bikini 8211 The Blast

Keep scrolling for more photos. Demi, geo-tagging herself at the Luury Water Villa Resort of Soneva Jani, shot the camera a gaze, then taking to her caption.

“Lost and I don’t need you to find me 💕,” she wrote. Over half a million likes pouring in over two hours sent Demi the thumbs-up.

Just yesterday, Demi offered up the secret to her super-famous rear. A video showing the model’s 24-inch waist and from Shane Cooper’s London clinic revealed Demi to be a fan of non-surgical anti-cellulite treatments. read more

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Sofia Vergara Loses Bikini Top In ’90s Ocean Romp – The Blast

R21icW1tVENvam9ycHBBZE83V2guanBn Sofia Vergara Loses Bikini Top In 8217 90s Ocean Romp 8211 The Blast

Sofia has nicely transitioned from her acting role to her judging one. The star, joined by Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel, now sits along British mogul Simon Cowell on a weekly basis for “AGT” – as 47-year-old Heidi revealed, though, Sofia was a bundle of nerves before joining the competition series.

After the first day of filming, Heidi told ET about her convo with Sofia:

“We’ve only filmed one day so far and on the first day she was like, ‘I’m really nervous. I don’t wanna do anything wrong. And I said to her, ‘You cannot do anything wrong. You just speak your truth,” the German model dished. More photos below. read more

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