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Support and fit technology are essential for the category, says Grede. “Swimwear is not an easy space to be in,” she says. “I think it takes a lot of work. And ultimately what we built is a very kind of SKU-heavy range, in order to give customers choice. That’s really what you have to do. We don’t take it for granted that the style or size she needs on the top, she also needs on the bottom.”

Customers seek sustainable fabrics and ethical supply chains

Alongside fit innovation, newly launched swim lines are using recycled fabrics. This is a trend reflected across the category, according to Kayla Marci, retail a***yst at Edited. read more

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Opportunity Orbit a***ysis, Technological Insights of Swimwear Market – PRnews Leader – PRnews Leader

Prophecy Market Insights presented the Swimwear market research report which severs comprehensive and iterative research methodology. The company focuses on minimizing deviance in order to offer the most accurate estimations and forecast possible. The company utilizes a combination of bottom-up and top-down approaches for calculation and authenticate of the market size and for estimating quantitative aspects of the market.

Research and consulting services of Prophecy Market Insights help businesses across the world to navigate the challenges in the Swimwear market with confidence. The report provides sufficient insights that drive sustainable growth. read more

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Women’s Swimwear Market Opportunity a***ysis and Industry Forecast up to 2017 to 2022 – The Daily Chronicle

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The presented market report on the global Women’s Swimwear market published by Fact.MR is a comprehensive a***ysis of the leading parameters that are likely to determine the growth of the Women’s Swimwear market in the forthcoming decade. Further, the study dives in deep to investigate the micro and macro-economic factors that are projected to influence the global scenario of the Women’s Swimwear market during the forecast period (2019-2029).

The market study reveals that the Women’s Swimwear market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~XX% and reach a value of ~USXX by the end of 2029. The report examines the current trends, growth opportunities, restraints, and market drivers that are projected to influence the overall dynamics of the Women’s Swimwear market in the a**essment period. The market study predicts the course of the global Women’s Swimwear market post the COVID-19 pandemic and offers resourceful insights to market players pertaining to their business continuity strategies and more. read more

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