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5 Pilates Moves for a Stronger Core and Better Posture with Julia Garcia

Through our#LSpaceFitnessFridaysseries, we’ve grown to appreciate the healing power of movement. Yes, these are stressful times – so don’t forget that a little exercise can go a long way in improving not just your body, but your mental state as well.

Fitness instructor Julia Garcia teaches classes that focus on movement, mindful, and meditation, all while delivering a killer burn. She took over our page for a live 30-minute HIIT Pilates class that did not disappoint, and now she’s sharing some pilates moves that will challenge your abs and improve your posture (much needed after working from home slumped over for a whole year, right?!)  read more

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The Pilates Class Tash and Dev Swear By

Pilates has been one of our favorite type of workouts for years. It mainly focuses on toning, strengthening, lengthening, and leaning the muscles. The workout itself feels incredible and the results? Well, let us tell you, this is pretty much all we do.

Our love for pilates got to another level when we met Sydney based instructor Jacqui Kingswell, founder of  The Pilates Class! Jacqui’s unique approach really focuses on technique, making our time on the mat so much more effective. It’s the reason why we’ve seen better results in less time than with our other workouts.  read more

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