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What I gained when I lost 72 pounds

Alyssa Flores 2019 grande What I gained when I lost 72 poundsShop Alyssa’s Donut Posing Practice suit HERE.

Thanks for sharing this with the Angel Blog, Alyssa! We love reading about your journey and the invaluable lessons you’ve learned.

“Hey guys, so my name is Alyssa Flores… some of you may know me better as @dumbbells_n_doughnuts on Instagram… some of you may also know my checkered past with my weight, food struggles, and body image issues, but here’s a side of my story you may not know yet. What pushed me over the edge to finally say, “I’m going to be a bikini competitor?” and What made me keep going on those low days? 

I have been in love with bodybuilding since fall of 2012! Not many know this, but one day while sitting in my college dorm I stumbled across a tv broadcasting (more than likely an old show recording) of a huge bodybuilding show. I sat on my bed watching those women strut across the stage with such grace, poise, and confidence… I INSTANTLY WANTED TO BE JUST LIKE THEM. The issue was that at that time I had no idea what being a bodybuilder really entailed… all I cared about was the thought that “if I can look like them, maybe I’d actually love myself then.” What a sad thought… When I look back, I cannot believe or even recognize myself most days. At this point, in fall 2012, my now husband had just proposed. I was 30 lbs over my “target” wedding day weight, and I thought this would be just the right amount of weight to lose in order to then compete in one of those bikini shows. As I started exercising for pretty much the first time in my life, I quickly gravitated towards the cardio machines… “I mean, come on! Look at how many calories I’m burning doing 2+hours on here! There’s no way lifting could help me, I don’t want to look too manly anyways.” Oh boy, 2012 Alyssa was hilarious. read more

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