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Espresso Pre-Workout Smoothie Recipe with @thedashbody

We all need a little boost before a workout, especially for early those morning classes. Dasha Einhorn of @thedashbody took over our channel for an IG Live pilates sculpt session – if you missed it you can check it out and save it here! She also shared one of her favorite pre-workout smoothie recipes. Nutrient-dense, easy on the stomach, and naturally sweet, this recipe is delish and good for you. The secret energy booster that makes this a morning must? An espresso shot! P2120028 2048x2048 Espresso Pre Workout Smoothie Recipe with thedashbody


1 banana  1 cup of milk of choice 2 tbsp oats 2 tbsp hemp seeds 2 tbsp cacao nibs (1 tbsp in smoothie, another one on top for crunchiness) 1 espresso shot  P2120034 2048x2048 Espresso Pre Workout Smoothie Recipe with thedashbody


Combine all ingredients in a high speed blender and enjoy 1-2 hours before your  workout. Pro tip! To make it a post workout smoothie, leave the espresso shot out (or not, maybe you still want some of that caffeinated goodness), and add a pinch of salt to help restore electrolytes. Enjoy up to one hour after your workout. P2120035 2048x2048 Espresso Pre Workout Smoothie Recipe with thedashbody


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DIY Summer Dessert Recipe: Frozen Smoothie Yogurt Pops with @_bellabakes

Sweet treats just hit different when they’re aesthetically pleasing, right? Enter the queen of decadent desserts, Shelly Bella of @_bellabakes on Instagram. She took over our page to share her summer dessert recipe for Frozen Smoothie Yogurt Pops. It’s the perfect DIY popsicle recipe for a hot summer day, and they’re surprisingly easy to make (even for kitchen novices like, well, us). Keep reading to get to know Shelly and try this perfect summer recipe out for yourself!

Blog1 fbb9b526 604e 4ef7 ac05 fbca6c5aa294 2048x2048 DIY Summer Dessert Recipe Frozen Smoothie Yogurt Pops with bellabakes


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