25 Sustainable Swimsuits For Your Seaside Summer Staycation – Refinery29

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It’s safe to say that shopping for swimwear has always been a minefield. Whether you run into difficulty finding the right size for your shape or run out of patience wading through a sea of see-through fabrics, swimwear shopping is notoriously frustrating. But perhaps the most arduous part of the entire experience is finding a swimsuit that is both stylish and sustainably made.
With a wealth of information proving that garment production is having a significant impact on the ecosystem, swimwear has emerged in recent years as a serious enemy of the environment. Traditionally created using synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester, swimwear not only requires a large amount of carbon to produce but also adds to the growing mass of non-biodegradable products in our landfills and oceans.
While most clothing can be pivoted to natural materials like organic cotton and linens, swimwear labels face big challenges when it comes to finding fabrics that are both water-resistant and planet-friendly. Thankfully, there are plenty of companies committed to this mission, with tons of indie brands and even some high street stores starting to develop sustainably made swimwear.
One of the key materials making this possible is Econyl (a regenerated nylon created from plastic ocean waste). Making use of fishing nets, plastic bottles and even old carpets, the material not only recycles waste but actively tackles climate change, with the company claiming to reduce the global warming impact of nylon by up to 90% when compared with materials from crude oil. Source read more

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Why Young Healthcare Professionals Are Posting Bikini Photos – Refinery29

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“Oddly enough I found myself shying away from making a #medbikini post myself out of fear of being the victim to the same s**ism and ridicule expressed in the article,” Rushelle Julien, DDS, wrote on Instagram. “You see as a Black woman the same rules that apply to my white counterparts do not apply to me. I deal with double the discrimination and double the prejudice. Professionalism for me is really veiled racism designed to keep me in check. For me it’s caused anxiety, depression, self doubt, and the need to always be perfect. Believe me when I tell you IT IS EXHAUSTING!!!!!!!!!!”Source read more

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14 Recycled-Fiber Swimsuits For An Eco-Friendly Summer Wardrobe – Refinery29

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Named for the Sydney, Australia beach where Bower co-founders Rupert Tapper and Fiona Ryn spent their childhoods, this five-year-old swim and resortwear brand uses ECONYL-based fabrics to create a range of artfully-printed bikinis and maillots. The brand’s ready-to-wear is made from natural fibers like linen and cotton. In addition, since March of last year, Ryn and Tapper have donated 1% of their profits to Healthy Seas, an agency that works with volunteer divers to clean marine litter from the ocean.Source read more

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LIVELY Launched Its First Sustainable Swimwear Line — And It Starts At $45 – Refinery29

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This morning, LIVELY, a community-driven lingerie and activewear brand designed by women for women, launched a new line of swimwear that checks off all of our boxes. Not only do the new arrivals fit and feel as good as the brand’s cult-favorite bras, they’re also size-inclusive, affordable — every option costs $45 — and, for the first time, sustainable. All five swim styles, which include the brand’s core bandeau, sports bra, and bralette tops and their bikini and high-waist bottoms, feature a new outer fabric layer made from recycled plastic. Source read more

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