7 Ways To Wear A Bikini Top As Regular Clothing – The Zoe Report

The transition from days at the office to a commute that consists of a lap around the living room has for many, resulted in a newfound attachment to relaxed dressing. Now, with businesses partially opened and differing rules from region to region, the predicament invites a lingering thought: Is summer still on? For those whose happy place lies somewhere between shopping and sunbathing, what that really means is, “What do I do with my 15 bikinis?” While you may not feel ready to returning to the beach or a public pool anytime soon, wearing your bikini top with regular clothes at least still stand a chance to see the outdoors by incorporating them into your wardrobe in non-traditional ways. If you choose, the result can be just as comfy as well-loved your at-home attire. read more

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