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How to Look Good in a Bikini: 5 Tips From Supermodels – SFGate

How to look good in a bikini How to Look Good in a Bikini 5 Tips From Supermodels 8211 SFGate

With everything happening in the world in 2020, it has been tricky (and sometimes impossible) for all of us to hit the gym. So what do you do when the time comes to slip into a bikini?

Even the top supermodels employ a few tricks when hitting the runway in barely-there swimwear. We’re going to share some of their top tips on how to look good in a bikini.

Check out our five simple steps that are sure to have you looking and feeling your best in a bathing suit.

1. Give Your Skin Some TLC

Since you are showing a lot of skin, this is a logical starting point of how to look good in a bathing suit. read more

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