Siesta Key’s Juliette Porter Launches Swimwear Line – Details Inside! – Feeling the Vibe News

It may be winter right now, but Siesta Key‘s Juliette Porter is already thinking of summer with her new swimwear line. While her full line won’t be launching until next season, she did give fans a sneak peek as to what her swimwear designs would look like. She’s teamed up with Blonde Addiction Label for a limited edition collaboration line featuring bright, sunny swimsuits that everyone will love. Get more details on her new venture below.

What does Juliette’s collab look like?

Juliette announced on her Instagram page earlier this week that she had partnered with Blonde Addiction Label to launch a limited line of swimsuits. She said that she’s doing this prior to the official launch of her own line, and she “couldn’t be more excited” about this new adventure. She’s working with Meredith Grier and Jaymi Z. Washburn, both of whom were on Siesta Key last season, according to Juliette’s IG post. Meredith is the co-owner of Blonde Addiction Label, and Jaymi is the co-owner of Trend Studio Bali, where Juliette’s full line will be designed. read more

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