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Elizabeth Hurley Lookin’ Like a Snack In Minuscule Bikini – The Blast

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Making her followers ache over her sensational curves, the brunette bombshell rocked a strapless bikini top that hugged her massive cleavage in the most perfect way. Adding insult to injury, Elizabeth Hurley paired the minuscule fabric with an even smaller bottom. Barely covering her lower half with a matching swimsuit bottom, the “Serving Sara” star spared no mercy.

The only thing saving the British-born actress from exposing her killer bikini body was a bathing suit cover-up that was so see-through, it didn’t hold any weight. Scroll to see Elizabeth Hurley’s bikini body! read more

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Sofia Vergara Lookin’ Like A Snack In Stringy Bikini Bottoms – The Blast

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Back in May, as stay-at-home orders swept Los Angeles, Sofia opened up to People, admitting that “we can’t complain, really.”

“I have a big house, so I’ve been able to have my son, my niece, my husband and three dogs. We’ve been lucky that we’ve been able to be comfortable.”

“I don’t cook. My son is the one that cooks actually. We’ve been very lucky in that he loves it and he makes sure that we’re all fed. He’s always the one that’s always in the kitchen,” Vergara added. read more

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