Parents force Cotton On to ditch ‘revealing’ kids swimwear –

“…bottoms cut way too high for toddlers.”

“…my daughter has a permanent wedge.”

“…think back to the Baywatch 80s era.”

These are just some of the complaints from parents upset over this year’s cut of several Cotton On swimwear designs for young girls that are sized for toddlers through to tweens.

The fast-fashion Australian retailer with 600 stores worldwide, including dozens in New Zealand, admitted to receiving so many complaints about the togs it promised to revert to the more tasteful cuts of previous seasons. read more

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The best sustainable swimwear brands to shop right now –

The best sustainable swimwear brands to shop right now 8211 Stuff co nz


Many brands are now using regenerated nylon, reducing the need for new petroleum-based fibres.

This story was published on Thrive

While recycled fibres are the current sustainable standard for swimwear, natural fibres are an even better option, writes Fiona Ralph.

I’ve worn my fair share of vintage togs, including a particularly memorable set with a cone-shaped bikini top, found at a retirement home garage sale. The lovely man I purchased it from had bought it for his wife in London in the 1950s and she had never worn it, so the tags were still attached. read more

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