The best sustainable swimwear brands to shop right now –

The best sustainable swimwear brands to shop right now 8211 Stuff co nz


Many brands are now using regenerated nylon, reducing the need for new petroleum-based fibres.

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While recycled fibres are the current sustainable standard for swimwear, natural fibres are an even better option, writes Fiona Ralph.

I’ve worn my fair share of vintage togs, including a particularly memorable set with a cone-shaped bikini top, found at a retirement home garage sale. The lovely man I purchased it from had bought it for his wife in London in the 1950s and she had never worn it, so the tags were still attached. read more

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Jack Robinson, Nathan Florence’s new brides team up to launch sustainable swimwear line: “We wanted every woman to feel comfortable, s**y and stylish!” – BeachGrit

“The most powerful power couple couple to ever dance upon the fair seas.”

A new power couple couple has emerged in our surf world and it may well be the most powerful power couple couple to ever dance upon the fair seas.

You are already well aware of Jack Robinson, the Championship Tour rookie sensation from Western Australia who has had the attention of surf fans for many years. You are, equally, aware of Nathan Florence, John John’s more engaging younger brother who rides many big waves. read more

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Sustainable Swimwear Brand Zonarch Launches in LA – WWD

Geneviève Andre de la Porte is using a sustainability-minded business approach she learned while working in the food industry and applying it to swimwear. Her label, Zonarch, is out today.

The Belgian designer, who studied international business in California, was influenced by her experience in marketing at American superfood company Sambazon, which produces and sells foods and drinks made using organic açaí harvested by family farmers in the Amazon. Led by founders Jeremy Black, Ryan Black and Edmund Nichols, the company is Fair Trade Certified and works to protect the biodiversity of the rainforest, while giving back to local communities in the Amazon by building health care centers and schools. read more

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Meet the Indian designer whose sustainable swimwear is loved by Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Beiber – VOGUE India

It’s been a busy few months for Rourkela-born Vivek Agarwal, the designer behind OOKIOH. Agarwal, who splits his time between Rourkela and Los Angeles, launched OOKIOH, pronounced o͞okēō, a play on the Japanese word Ukiyo (the pleasure-seeking lifestyle of the Edo Japan period) in 2018, previously had careers in engineering, steel and real estate.

After noticing a gap in the market, Agarwal decided to pursue his passion, and start a swimwear label dedicated to sustainability practices. OOKIOH pledges to be pre-consumer plastic-free by 2022 and uses yarn made from wastes such as sunken fishing nets from oceans and aquaculture and other fabric scraps destined for landfill. read more

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25 Sustainable Swimsuits For Your Seaside Summer Staycation – Refinery29

9964036 25 Sustainable Swimsuits For Your Seaside Summer Staycation 8211 Refinery29

It’s safe to say that shopping for swimwear has always been a minefield. Whether you run into difficulty finding the right size for your shape or run out of patience wading through a sea of see-through fabrics, swimwear shopping is notoriously frustrating. But perhaps the most arduous part of the entire experience is finding a swimsuit that is both stylish and sustainably made.
With a wealth of information proving that garment production is having a significant impact on the ecosystem, swimwear has emerged in recent years as a serious enemy of the environment. Traditionally created using synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester, swimwear not only requires a large amount of carbon to produce but also adds to the growing mass of non-biodegradable products in our landfills and oceans.
While most clothing can be pivoted to natural materials like organic cotton and linens, swimwear labels face big challenges when it comes to finding fabrics that are both water-resistant and planet-friendly. Thankfully, there are plenty of companies committed to this mission, with tons of indie brands and even some high street stores starting to develop sustainably made swimwear.
One of the key materials making this possible is Econyl (a regenerated nylon created from plastic ocean waste). Making use of fishing nets, plastic bottles and even old carpets, the material not only recycles waste but actively tackles climate change, with the company claiming to reduce the global warming impact of nylon by up to 90% when compared with materials from crude oil. Source read more

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6 Sustainable Swimwear Brands For A Conscious Summer Wardrobe – Causeartist

When over 51 trillion pieces of microplastic swimming in our oceans, slowly choking our aquatic life and devastating our natural resources, one must think about how they can make a difference. Every summer we interact with our oceans, whether on the beach or on a boat, often not considering the negative impacts we have individually, let alone as a global community.

It’s a long journey and there is a lot of work to do, but simply being mindful of your buying choices when it comes to swimwear and accessories is a step in the right direction. By choosing to support socially conscious and sustainable swimwear, you are voting with our dollar to see a rise in more ethical fashion production, while alleviating the strain we put on our oceans everyday. read more

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Sustainable L.A. Swimwear Brand Anemone Offers Pop-up Inside Fred Segal – WWD

For digital-first brands like Anemone, the Los Angeles-based women’s luxury swimwear and resortwear label, opening a pop-up experience is the chance to showcase and offer consumers its DNA in a new, tangible way — despite the pandemic.

“With where brick and mortar is at, there aren’t many opportunities to have your own point of view in a space,” said cofounder Joshua Shaub. “A lot of times, especially now, a brand’s vision gets lost in translation. Everything is so product focused now. This feels special.” read more

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10 Sustainable Swimwear Brands — Ethical Swimwear – Countryliving (UK)

Sustainable swim 1593173845 10 Sustainable Swimwear Brands Ethical Swimwear 8211 Countryliving UK

Beverley One Piece – Fire Orange


Looking for a classic swimsuit made from eco-friendly materials? Well, look no further as this one piece from Away That Day ticks all the right boxes. 

Made using Econyl (nylon scraps, fishing nets and ocean waste), it repurposes materials that would otherwise be thrown away. 

As well as this, all of the items will be shipped out in 100% compostable mailing bags, too.  


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Sustainable252520swim 520x325 12 Best Sustainable Swimwear Brands of Summer 2020 8211 Glamour

12 Best Sustainable Swimwear Brands of Summer 2020 – Glamour

Unlike various unexpected trends that have emerged during the pandemic (ie. roller skates, Nintendo Switch, and elevated picnics), the rise of sustainable swimwear isn’t a surprise. The future of our planet is top of mind, with shoppers becoming increasingly eco-conscious—and swim brands are taking note.

Despite your best manifestation efforts for a return to “normalcy,” the pandemic isn’t over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the water this summer. Inflatable pools are another unlikely hot commodity right now, and per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “there is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, or water playgrounds.” As such, you can rest a**ured that buying a new swimsuit isn’t waste, especially with all of the eco-friendly swimwear available for summer 2020.  read more

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