Salma Hayek Appreciates 2020 In Bikini; Instagram Says She’s ‘Timeless’ – The Blast

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Even owls prefer Salma, considering her pet would rather perch on her. Wrote Salma, “Kering likes the tree, but he likes my head better. 🦉🎄”

While one fan seemed to suggest that rescued birds and animals needed to be set free, another asked Salam, “You have an owl as a pet??”. 

This got a reply from another of her followers, who wrote, “More specifically a rescued owl, she keeps them in a place as close to their habitat, because it is impossible for them to be returned to nature 😉”. read more

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Dua Lipa’s Black String Bikini Is Such A Timeless, Sexy Look – STYLECASTER

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Sometimes, I get a little overwhelmed by the Wild West of swimwear trends—I mean, from neons to cutouts to belted silhouettes, there’s definitely a lot going on, don’tcha think? That said, taking it back to basics can sometimes result in the best looks of all. Exhibit A? Dua Lipa’s black string bikini from White Fox Swim. Not only is she rocking 2020’s string bikini trend, she’s making it her own by sticking with her classic grungy-cool-girl vibes. Black is forever moody-chic, y’all. read more

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