Mom takes off bikini top, uses it as tourniquet on son’s leg to save his life after ATV accident – CBS46 News Atlanta

5f282ac015a78 preview Mom takes off bikini top uses it as tourniquet on son 8217 s leg to save his life after ATV accident 8211 CBS46 News Atlanta

(WQAD/CNN/Meredith) — Quick thinking from a mom in Iowa helped save her son’s life after a terrible ATV accident last month.

On July 7, Christina Brenner used her bikini top as a tourniquet to keep her 13-year-old son alive long enough to make it to the hospital.

The Brenner family and friends were enjoying the summer weather at the family property in Blue Grass, Iowa. Christina’s son Peyton was driving an ATV while she lounged in the pool.

Peyton said in an accident, he suddenly ended up in a tree. read more

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QC Woman Uses Bikini Top as Tourniquet, Saves Son’s Life –

Brian Brenner via Facebook QC Woman Uses Bikini Top as Tourniquet Saves Son 8217 s Life 8211 khak com

13-year-old Peyton Brenner was out for a ride on his ATV on July 8th when he crashed into a tree and fence, cutting his leg badly.

His mom, Christina, was relaxing in a pool nearby when she saw the crash, so she sprung into action. A recent nursing school graduate, she knew he hit a major artery, and she knew she needed a tourniquet.

So, Christina grabbed the first thing she could get ahold of; her bikini top. She ripped it off and tied it around Peyton’s leg, holding pressure until the ambulance arrived, who transported him to Genesis East. read more

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