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A Toronto father’s transgender daughter, who transitioned at 9, wanted to wear a bikini for the first time at age 11, but the options were extremely limited. He took matters into own hands and created swimwear for her. 

Following months of research and talking to other parents of transgender kids, Jamie Alexander launched “Rubies” a year ago. The name is inspired by his daughter’s name, Ruby.

“I wanted to design clothing that feels the same and looks the same as my daughter’s cisgender friends are wearing,” said Alexander, according to Yahoo News. The first item was a bikini bottom. The brand is size inclusive, ranging from kids’ sizes 4-24.  read more

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A dad started a swimwear and clothing line for transgender girls inspired by his daughter – Insider – INSIDER

  • Jamie Alexander created Rubies, a line of clothing for transgender girls in 2020.
  • He was inspired by his daughter, Ruby, who transitioned when she was 9.
  • The brand sells swimwear that’s designed to be comfortable for transgender kids and teens. 
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Jamie Alexander is a Toronto, Canada, father who designed a swimwear brand made for transgender girls inspired by his daughter, Ruby. 

For years, Alexander watched as his now-12-year-old daughter struggled to find swimsuits that she felt comfortable wearing. He told Insider that Ruby, who transitioned when she was 9, often wore board shorts and sweatpants in place of traditional swimsuits, but at age 11, she expressed interest in wearing a bikini.

Alexander told Insider that he couldn’t find many options for form-fitting clothes or swimwear designed for transgender kids or teenagers, so he decided to make his own. read more

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