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Vilebrequin Turns 50 – WWD – WWD

Vilebrequin is turning 50. 

The luxury men’s and women’s swimwear brand is celebrating with the launch of its 50th-anniversary collection, a limited-edition men’s swimwear a**ortment consisting of 50 prints, each one representing a different year, starting with 1971, the year the Vilebrequin was founded. 

“It’s a homage to the history of the brand,” Roland Herlory, chief executive officer of Vilebrequin, told WWD. “The idea is to find the thing that symbolizes each year the best. So each bathing suit has a meaning. My dream is that people will buy the year — not the print, not the color combinations — but the year. You know, you’re going to buy the year you were born. Or, the year you get your first job. Or, the year you met your husband or wife, your honeymoon, your wedding. I don’t know. But, I love this idea of attaching to a product a year and all the souvenirs matching with this year. It’s another way to buy. You buy a part of your memory.”  read more

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Derrick Adams Just Launched Some Very Cool Swimwear With Vilebrequin – Artspace

News of a collaboration between a fine artist and a swimwear company might give you cause to raise an eyebrow or two. However when the artist in question is Derrick Adams and the swimwear brand is the decidedly upmarket Vilebrequin, it begins to make a lot more sense; a perfect positioning even. Adams’ Floater series – a collection of bright and breezy paintings depicting African American men, women and children lounging on whimsical pool floats – are the visual basis for the collaboration. read more

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